Taunton Christadelphians


 Currently we are meeting mainly online, via Zoom, to worship God together, 

to read and understand Gods word the Bible and discuss his message to us.

(Please see 'Whats On' for regular updates of venue) 

Please go to page 2 to learn more about our beliefs. You will find much of interest on the Links Page 

where there are links to online Bible related talks, free courses, magazines and booklets. 

Please use the Contact Page if you have any questions or are interested in learning more and somebody will get back to you,

 or you can leave a message on the answer phone ... 01823 278227 ... and we will get back to you

To our Persian Friends:


کریستادلفین ها

در حال حاضر توسط برنامه زوم همدیگر را ملاقات می کنیم تا در این جلسات خدا را عبادت کنیم و همچنین پیام خدا کهکتاب مقدس هست، را درک کنیم و همچنین درباره پیام او به ما بحث کنیم. در ادامه باورهای ما به طور خلاصه بیان شدهاند.

اگر مایلید که بیشتر بدانید، لطفا یک پیام به شماره ارائه شده بفرستید،‌ و ما پاسخ می دهیم.


The Christadelphians are a worldwide community of believers in God, His son Jesus Christ, and their promises to us all, as revealed in the Bible.

In Taunton we are a friendly church with members from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

As well as our Sunday services we enjoy meeting together for a variety of other events and activities. 

The Links page will allow access to many other Christadelphian websites for you to discover more about us but we would invite you to join us
at any of our regular meetings online or our Hall in Winchester Street